Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Group

Oh my goodess.  What a Blast.  The Old Navy Funnovation Imaginarium with the BUNCH group was sooo much fun.  I had never been involved with this type of event before, but I would do it in a heart beat. 

I gathered my dream team who did not dissapoint.  Everyone had smiles and were so into the event and involved.  It was amazing.  The true spirit of the event was felt by all.
The kids loved dancing and the "CAT" walk - the limbo was a hit  Maude and Brian from Quality Entertainment.  The Energy was phenomenal.  I can hardly wait to see the photos that were taken by Daniel
I also cannot say enough about the Old Navy Rideau staff.  What a team  Paul, Nat and Priya were awesome and so accomodating to the staff.  Thank you.
Let's do it again next year??!!!

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