Monday, February 28, 2011


OOOOHHH the dreaded cake.  Some of us can't wait to get up to our elbows in that gooey icing, fondant and sprinkles.  Other's break out in a sweat just at the thought of trying to get a cake mix box open.  It seems that it might be the most stressful detail in planning a child's birthday, but yet really the most key element!  Everything seems to revolve around the dreaded cake.  The children can't wait until it comes out.  It is usually the element of surprise (well hidden until the lights go out and everyone breaks into song)  It is usually the pinnacle point of the theme and everything revolves around it.  No wonder there is so much stress.
For those of you who like to dabble but aren't sure how to go about it I have come up with a wonderful site with some great techniques that will help you through and teach some key skills that will make this cake thing a breeze.
I AM BAKER has very simple and concise instructions with excellent pictures to guide you through the process.  Her cakes are just so cute and easy to do.  Have a look.  After all she say's that even her husband can do....
Next up, there are several cake decorating sites out there.  This one has a great list and promises to take your cakes to the next level.  It is probably better for those who have a basis is decorating and knows there way around a piping bag.
If you have the time and the drive try a decorating class. Both Michaels and Artisitc Cake Design have great classes for beginners.
Finally, should none of the above be part of your make-up, there are PLENTY of decorators out there who would be happy to do it for you.  The local grocery store to the local business (which I prefer for taste and design) would be happy to put something together.  I just came across this lovely lady who does everything from cakes to cookies in Arnprior.  Here business is relatively new and local.  Her prices are very reasonable and worth a look.  Check out Sweet and Sassy Co. for inspiration and to place your order.
If all else fails, don't be afraid of a tub of icing from the store and do it as an activity with the kids at the party.  They don't mind getting messy.
Most of all have fun.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Planning Planning

We are going strong and planning the big event for "L"  we hope that all the brain spinning we've been doing will be exactly what you want.  Fairies in the Garden - flowers and fairies.  What more does a girl need?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Have you EVER seen anything so cute????

I just came across this beautiful site by a VERY talented woman.  I really needed to share this wit everyone.  I am sure I won't be able to help myself and try to use some of these elements in my parties, but I think that any child would be over the moon excited to be a part of a party like this.  The attention detail is inspiring and the simplicity of it all perfect.  The games were easy to put together without much fuss and planning but were SUPER fun for the kids.  I love that she used the element of suspense with the Owl hunt and playing in the dark is ALWAYS going to bring on the giggles.  This woman knows children and the things they love.  The simple props like the bed are a great inspiration for the kids imagination.  They can get right into the theme by way of their own imaginations.  All I can say is wow.  Just look... wouldn't you like to be in your jammies at this party too? 

Please head over to SnowyBliss and leave some love.  She deserves it!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latest Trends

I have been seriously busy doing research for the business. Trying to stay on top of the lates party trends.  What I have noticed is the simplicity of the parties and themes.  The latest is the use of Cameo's.  This also ties into the other trend of Vintage.  Both of these lead me back to my childhood.  I remember wearing my white blouse in kindergarten with a cameo pinned onto the top button.  Also in Kindergarten we did silhouettes of our heads for Mothers day.  This would be very much in line with these two themes.  It would be great for a "Girly" part,y a 1st birthday or if you are planning a baby shower think of the possiblities.
These three themes fit so nicely together and the possiblities are endless.  You could certainly go with the black and white theme (I am sure a teen would love this) or the softness of the creams and pinks for the little ones.  Add in a pioneer feeling with weathered wood tables (picnic tables) antique dolls clothes and dolls, a china tea set and a few Peonies and voila a scene fit for your little princess.
Over at Celebrations at Home (one of my favourite sources) you can see the Vintage goes Modern look.  Bring together all that is modern with all that is new for a fabulous backdrop for your party.  I love the softness of this look and the coziness of it all.  your guest are sure to fell relaxed and welcome at a party like this.  Those Mixed matched chairs are just to-die-for.  I love it.

One other obvious trend is the use of Banners at the party.  Most of these are handmade items from over at   There are endless possiblities, shapes, sizes and they can be made for absolutely any theme.  It is also a great momento of the party day that can be hung in the child's room.  I had one made for my son's pirate party.  It was pretty darn cute.  I also wanted one for his Mr. Maker party, however, I ran out of time.  I wasn't prepared to give-up on the idea so came-up with this quick idea.  I have TONS of fabric hanging around, some of which fit right in with the theme (pencils, teal polka dots and cupcakes)  I cut out triangle shapes and hung them up on brightly coloured string (you could use crepe paper, ribbon or anything else you had handy)  I had intended on finishing the edges on the sewing machine, but alas that didn't get done either. I also added some of my son's art work.  We just happened to have multicoloured clips, and mini- clothes pins to complete the look. Nobody seemed to mind and several parents commented on how cute they were.  It's not the best picture but this is how it turned out.
Don't worry about having the best of the best.  Sometimes the homemade can do the trick and fit better with the theme.  I need to qualify that I was not really blogging when I took these pictures so they are not the best.  Hopefully you get the drift.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful and inspiring

Wow, what incredible inspiration.  This is the most gorgeous soft and beautiful party I have ever seen. 
I found this over at one of my favourite sites for inspiration - Celebrations at Home.  Have a look you are bound to find something that you love.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music the life of the party

When planning a party whatever you do DON'T forget to plan your music.  It is an often overlooked part of planning a party.  One usually just grabs the first CD at hand.  This can work, but if the music was planned according to theme or interest it totally changes the party atmosphere.  I did a candy party for my daughter and downloaded every candy themed song there was for freeze dance, background music and musical chairs.  The result was phenomenal.  The kids loved in on the day and my children still ask to hear the songs.  It takes them right back to the magical day.  They smile every time.  A good thing to do for a loot bag is to make several copies of the party music and put them in the loot bags.  |A friend of my son's had a dance party and her parents copied the music for everyone.  It is still quite popular with my children and others that were at the party. 
There is no shortage of music out there.  I am pretty confident that you could find music to go with any theme.  I think this should be a challenge.  Let's see if there is a theme that can't be put to music.  Send you challenges to me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

KISs (Keep it simple - Seriously)

I joke not.  Some of the most successful parties are the most simple.  A couple of activities (I generally choose three).  Anymore than that and the children are overwhelmed and the parents start pulling out their hair.  It is a good idea to have a back-up activity or two, but seriously, less is more.  I've seen parents trying sooo hard to push kids to do activities that they have put so much energy and time into planning, but the children just aren't interested.  Parents can sometimes feel that they need to keep all these guests occupied every second, but the reverse can actually be true.  Sometimes just being together with each other and playing with their own chosen activities/toys, can be a much better idea.  That being said, allow for some down time between activities.
Here is a fine example of Simple from Sarah's Party Perfect.  I love the homeyness of the party, the simplicity of the activities and extra's not to mention the cuteness of everything.  She has definately used some KISS here!!  I also totally LOVE the CD idea.  It is a great way to remember the music and feeling of the day.  You could also save it for later and add some pictures of the big day on as well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Home Party

Without a doubt, one of the most success parties and the most memorable will be your child's home party.  As stressful as it can be to put together for parents, it will be the most rewarding.  You children will remember it for years to come.  I can still remember the parties that we had as children and so too do our friends.  Home parties have, however, come a looooonnnggg way from ours those many years again.  They can be quite stylized and very theme focused.  Invitations aren't just a simple card where you fill in the blanks.  They now come in bottles, on t-shirts or as an activity or story book. it can be a challenge to come-up with new ideas and make that "special something" that sets you party apart from the rest.
One of the big bonus' is that no-one else will already have done "that" as it can be with "location" parties.  I have heard of children not wanting to go to someone's party because they had already been to that gymnastics place or bowling.  Those "one size fits all" parties don't always meet the needs of your children nor their wants and desires ie: cake flavour/type.  With a home party it can be flexible and work with your child and others attending the party as well.
Lets get set planning your party now.

Let the Fun Begin

Well here I am, a bundle of nerves and a brain brimming with ideas.  After YEARS of contemplation and weighing the odds, I've decided to delve into the party business.  It is not a decision I take lightly.  It is a big responsibility to help children make their Birthday dreams come true, but one that I am eager to take on.  One of my favourite parts of working with children over the many years I was in child care (15 to be exact) was planning special events.  I LOVE to plan things for children.  It is exciting to put their ideas into action, to see their faces when there is a surprise and to see them beam when they realize that their ideas actually become reality.
I have a huge list of pre-developed party plans that are available for purchase.  Most often I hear parents say that they just don't know where to start. This will give you ideas, plans, schedules, game instructions, suggestion for food and decor.  All you have to do is read through and pick the ideas that work best for you and implement them.  Usually this is the biggest task to undertake.
Also, I can provide custom party plans.  This would involve sitting down with your child and figuring out what they really want.  This process can involve me putting it all together ie:shopping or just the plan on paper.  You decide.
Should you wish, I can also come in a do the set-up the day before.  For some people it is nice to have all the planning and set-up done.  We aim to please!!
Let me know how I can help you plan your child's dream party.  Make it an event to remember.