Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latest Trends

I have been seriously busy doing research for the business. Trying to stay on top of the lates party trends.  What I have noticed is the simplicity of the parties and themes.  The latest is the use of Cameo's.  This also ties into the other trend of Vintage.  Both of these lead me back to my childhood.  I remember wearing my white blouse in kindergarten with a cameo pinned onto the top button.  Also in Kindergarten we did silhouettes of our heads for Mothers day.  This would be very much in line with these two themes.  It would be great for a "Girly" part,y a 1st birthday or if you are planning a baby shower think of the possiblities.
These three themes fit so nicely together and the possiblities are endless.  You could certainly go with the black and white theme (I am sure a teen would love this) or the softness of the creams and pinks for the little ones.  Add in a pioneer feeling with weathered wood tables (picnic tables) antique dolls clothes and dolls, a china tea set and a few Peonies and voila a scene fit for your little princess.
Over at Celebrations at Home (one of my favourite sources) you can see the Vintage goes Modern look.  Bring together all that is modern with all that is new for a fabulous backdrop for your party.  I love the softness of this look and the coziness of it all.  your guest are sure to fell relaxed and welcome at a party like this.  Those Mixed matched chairs are just to-die-for.  I love it.

One other obvious trend is the use of Banners at the party.  Most of these are handmade items from over at   There are endless possiblities, shapes, sizes and they can be made for absolutely any theme.  It is also a great momento of the party day that can be hung in the child's room.  I had one made for my son's pirate party.  It was pretty darn cute.  I also wanted one for his Mr. Maker party, however, I ran out of time.  I wasn't prepared to give-up on the idea so came-up with this quick idea.  I have TONS of fabric hanging around, some of which fit right in with the theme (pencils, teal polka dots and cupcakes)  I cut out triangle shapes and hung them up on brightly coloured string (you could use crepe paper, ribbon or anything else you had handy)  I had intended on finishing the edges on the sewing machine, but alas that didn't get done either. I also added some of my son's art work.  We just happened to have multicoloured clips, and mini- clothes pins to complete the look. Nobody seemed to mind and several parents commented on how cute they were.  It's not the best picture but this is how it turned out.
Don't worry about having the best of the best.  Sometimes the homemade can do the trick and fit better with the theme.  I need to qualify that I was not really blogging when I took these pictures so they are not the best.  Hopefully you get the drift.

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