Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Music the life of the party

When planning a party whatever you do DON'T forget to plan your music.  It is an often overlooked part of planning a party.  One usually just grabs the first CD at hand.  This can work, but if the music was planned according to theme or interest it totally changes the party atmosphere.  I did a candy party for my daughter and downloaded every candy themed song there was for freeze dance, background music and musical chairs.  The result was phenomenal.  The kids loved in on the day and my children still ask to hear the songs.  It takes them right back to the magical day.  They smile every time.  A good thing to do for a loot bag is to make several copies of the party music and put them in the loot bags.  |A friend of my son's had a dance party and her parents copied the music for everyone.  It is still quite popular with my children and others that were at the party. 
There is no shortage of music out there.  I am pretty confident that you could find music to go with any theme.  I think this should be a challenge.  Let's see if there is a theme that can't be put to music.  Send you challenges to me.

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