Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let the Fun Begin

Well here I am, a bundle of nerves and a brain brimming with ideas.  After YEARS of contemplation and weighing the odds, I've decided to delve into the party business.  It is not a decision I take lightly.  It is a big responsibility to help children make their Birthday dreams come true, but one that I am eager to take on.  One of my favourite parts of working with children over the many years I was in child care (15 to be exact) was planning special events.  I LOVE to plan things for children.  It is exciting to put their ideas into action, to see their faces when there is a surprise and to see them beam when they realize that their ideas actually become reality.
I have a huge list of pre-developed party plans that are available for purchase.  Most often I hear parents say that they just don't know where to start. This will give you ideas, plans, schedules, game instructions, suggestion for food and decor.  All you have to do is read through and pick the ideas that work best for you and implement them.  Usually this is the biggest task to undertake.
Also, I can provide custom party plans.  This would involve sitting down with your child and figuring out what they really want.  This process can involve me putting it all together ie:shopping or just the plan on paper.  You decide.
Should you wish, I can also come in a do the set-up the day before.  For some people it is nice to have all the planning and set-up done.  We aim to please!!
Let me know how I can help you plan your child's dream party.  Make it an event to remember.

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