Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Home Party

Without a doubt, one of the most success parties and the most memorable will be your child's home party.  As stressful as it can be to put together for parents, it will be the most rewarding.  You children will remember it for years to come.  I can still remember the parties that we had as children and so too do our friends.  Home parties have, however, come a looooonnnggg way from ours those many years again.  They can be quite stylized and very theme focused.  Invitations aren't just a simple card where you fill in the blanks.  They now come in bottles, on t-shirts or as an activity or story book. it can be a challenge to come-up with new ideas and make that "special something" that sets you party apart from the rest.
One of the big bonus' is that no-one else will already have done "that" as it can be with "location" parties.  I have heard of children not wanting to go to someone's party because they had already been to that gymnastics place or bowling.  Those "one size fits all" parties don't always meet the needs of your children nor their wants and desires ie: cake flavour/type.  With a home party it can be flexible and work with your child and others attending the party as well.
Lets get set planning your party now.

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