Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recipes For Fun

Bubbles - Spring and Bubbles, For some reason I think the two go together. Call me crazy. If you are planning a spring party or even anytime of the year (outdoor) party, this bubble recipe will add a little extra fun.

1/4 Joy dish detergent - or any really inexpensive dishwashing liquid. (the cheaper the better)
3/4 cup water
5 drops of glycerin Do Not Skip this part. (available at pharmacies)

Mix it all together.
You will probably need to double or more the recipe and place in serveral containers. Shallow dishes work best. I like tin pie plates.

Next you will need to make some bubble blowers. Feel free to pick some up at the store, but for added punch it would be very impressive to have some hand crafted ones. Kids can make these as well.
  • Pipe cleaners are great, bendable, flexible. Bend them into any shape.
  • Wire works well too.
  • Very inexpensive toilet paper rolls are easy for little hands to handle and while they work only until they get soggy, the blow great bubbles.
  • For a more impressive bubble (you will need a bigger container for this) Tie a long length of string onto a dowel (tie both ends on so they will slide back and forth. Close loop, put tied ends together, dip in solution. Slowly open the string, slide on end back and swing the string through the air (boy I hope this makes sense!!)
  • Another easier way is to get two straws the same length and a lenght of string. Put string through the straws and tie two ends together. Put knot end inside straw. If you hold the straws apart you will have a square or rectangle. Dip in the solution and blow.

This should keep young and old amused for a few hours. It really works best on a humid day.

If this is all too much, you can buy or rent a bubble machine. Any under the sea, princess or bubble party will be complete.

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  1. I am 31 and still love bubbles. Awesome ideas. Never thought to make it myself and not waste money at the stores.