Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Pops

Wow, how fun are these? I came across these a few weeks back and HAD to have them for someones party.... will it be you? I looked around and found that everyone was out of stock ---ug. Then I found the wonderful Kate from CupKatesEventDesign on Etsy. Thank goodness for her. She sent me a whole wack of them and in no time flat. I think I received the order withing 5 days. Not too shabby. Thank you Kate.

These are called Push ups (no not the female kind). These hold yummy delish cake and icing. They fit any theme and can be customized with lables, bow and whatever else your imagination desires. I have seen them used for pirate parties and princess parties, but they can also be used for adult parties. The flexibility of use here is never ending.

One thing that I think will be popular with them is that they reduce mess and waste. They have lids, so that if children don't finish all their cake (can you imagine NOT finishing cake) they can put the lid on and take it home. Also, the crumbs stay in the container reducing the chance of having to chase those nasty cake crumbs all over the place after the party. (Nice eh!!)

We are not limited to just cake here either. I am thinking ice cream, pudding parfaits...oooh the list goes on. Can you tell I'm excited about this one? Yup I am. Are you too?

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