Friday, March 23, 2012

What's new

In the party world invitations are everything.  The announce the party, set the mood and theme and give the guests ideas for gifts and of what is to come.  It can build excitement and anticipation.  Having the right invitation is very important these days.  Back in the Day -(as my hubby would say) our mom's picked up paper invitations that were pretty generic and they added the details.  Not so now....

With the development of digital technology that generic invitation is a thing of the past.  All Hail the great PHOTOSHOP!!  It really has changed the industry in many ways.  There is almost nothing that can't be created on this program and it's counterpart Illustrator.  I have been lucky enough to have these programs now for a while, but haven't really had the time to play and explore them....until now that is.
I have been a busy little bee designing new invitations for the store.  I have focused primarily on my most asked for themes, but have also branched out with some new trends.  It has been soooo much fun.  I think I might get carried away - or maybe I already have wink wink.
Look for more designs coming your way.  Water bottle lables and cupcake toppers are in the works.  Any suggests are more than welcome!!

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