Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Perfect T

So I have fallen deeply in love with my Silhouette machine!! I only have the SD, but am constantly amazed at the things it can do. Thankfully I have no shortage of imagination (it keeps me up at night). So, in order to keep up with the vivid and active imagination of mine, I take it to the Silhouette and get creative. I have been busy with tags for parties, invitations and gifts, but recently, I discovered heat Transfer!! (insert Angels singing) I am convinced that there is nothing I can't do with it. I started by putting pretty little designs on the litte girls plain t-shirts. Then I thought - wow, I could make Birthday shirts for the birthday child with cute little sayings. They are so adorable. Then one day a flash of lightening hit, ok, so maybe it was just someone turning on the lights, when I realized, with this stuff I can replicate children's drawings onto their shirts!! So I did. My son hasn't taken his off - except to have it washed. He is so proud that he can show off his art work.

This is such an amazing way to keep your child's art work where it can be seen (and should be seen).  Check out my Etsy shop or my Gabry Rd. shop for more details.  Great for grandparent presents too.

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