Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blow Out Cute

Ok, those who know me know that I love {I really mean LOVE} to surf blogs. I always find the best inspiration and great ideas. Today's for me was sooooo worth it. I mean this has got to be the most creative person I have come across. I just can't believe that someone thought to do this. So of you might thing that it's just "ok" or kinda cute but I think there are so many possiblities with this, and who knew you could make party blowers so easily. My brain is racing, I could do a whole party theme around this. Oh...what fun!! I want to thank The Silly Pearl for this.

Isn't it amazing. Look at those wonderful handmade blowers and the cutest little hats. She even provides the tutorial and everything!!!!! If I was her I think I would keep it a secret. sssshhhhh!!! Don't forget to send her some love on her blog. I think she deserves it.
Now off to make some Easter Birthday blowers - ohh my head is bursting with idea's now!!!!!


  1. What a fun project.

  2. Thank you for such a sweet post! Made my day! If you make one let me know!