Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at our place

I've been meaning to post all of our Easter activities over the past week of so, since I haven't, there's now a lot here. Consider yourself warned {hee hee}
So we haven't had much of a Spring here yet, so I decided that we would do our best to brighten our world up for Spring and Easter. Lots of paint and dye was used.

We started out by making new homes for our bird friends. We have been building our house for the past few years and the birdies have become accustomed to building their nests where ever they see fit. This year however, there is actually soffit on the porch and most oles are filled {except for the places way up high where my husband is still batteling with the pigeons} Now the poor robins are building their nests on top of light fixtures where they are falling off or being scared because we keep coming through the door. Anyways.........enough about that. So, I decided that I would get some REAL birdhouses for the kids to decorate. BIG HIT. Just look at the facial expressions during this activity.
So It was a big hit.  Now if only we could get them hung up!!

Next up, we dyed our eggs.  After all what Easter week would be complete without smae personalized eggs.  We had a great time experimenting with different process'.  We started off by dying a few eggs so that they could get an idea of how it works.  Although they have done it before, they are still young enough that they still needed reminding.Next up, we used crayons, tape, stickers {which I don't recommend} and elastics.  This is where it got fun.  The kids each drew pictures with the crayon and then put it in the dye.  You know, like crayon resist pictures.  The children were thrilled with the results.  They "WOW'd"  "OOOOOOOOOO'd" and AWWED'd...literally!!  It was so much fun to listen to them.

The results... they kids were so proud that the moment daddy came home they dragged him to the fridge to see them.  I definately should have been proud.  They looked great!!
I especially loved the elastic egg.  I highly recommend using elastics around the eggs like tye dye!!  They turned out fabulous.
Next we made our Chickie Bags to hold the Easter treats for school.  I just recently got a Silhouette SD  It is my new favourite toy.  I found a cute Easter chick package, so I cut it out and the kids embellished.  What do you think?

I didn't take a picture with the bags filled, but we put Mini Eggs and Jelly Beans inside.
At Easter we celebrate with my hubbies family with a pot-luck lunch  We always take something along the dessert line since I love to bake.  This year is no different.  We make Easter cookies, push-pop cakes and easter cupcakes with easter eggs hidden inside.  They all turned out great.  I am especially crushing on the blue icing on the cupcakes.  Let's hope it will all be yummy.  We will find out tomorrow.

I love the little Peeps peaking out too.
Well, that is finally all for today.  I hope you all have a fabulous Easter.  Enjoy.


  1. The chick bags and houses look wonderful. I found you on Mom Loop!